A list of the open-source, freeware, shareware and micro-ISV software that I use for development purposes 🙂

Taskbar Shuffle (freeware)
Rearrange your Windows taskbar
Cropper (shared source)
Screen capture utility
Utopia Angel (advertising supported)
While I have this mainly for the calculators it provides for the game Utopia, it also includes a clipboard manager and a screen ruler. Very useful.
If you prefer to avoid the advertising-supported bit, you may prefer JRuler (freeware). I have not used any other clipboard manager.
Notepad2 (open source)
Very simple, fast text editor with syntax highlighting.
Metapath (open source)
A file manager that integrates nicely with Notepad2. So you can easily work with a range of files in Notepad2.
FileZilla (open source)
An FTP client.
UMLPad (open source)
Drawing certain (class, sequence, state and activity) UML diagrams.

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