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How do I set preferences for Seraphiel?

You can adjust your Preferences on Utopia’s “Preferences” page.

The themes are:

  • Utopia (basically the default Utopia colour scheme)
  • Crikey! (green and gold)
  • Stars and stripes forever (red, white & blue)
  • Dutch Courage (orange)
  • Teh 1 (green on black)
  • Comrade Mehul (black on red)
  • Starbright (yellow on black)
  • Tranquility (light blue on black)

Seraphiel preferences

Does Seraphiel support Internet Explorer/Opera/[insert browser here]?

Not really. It may work with some of the various Greasemonkey equivalents out there, I don’t know, I haven’t tested it. It won’t work as a userscript in Opera, though, and I’m pretty sure there’s some sort of difference in the way Greasemonkey scripts and Opera userscripts work that’s causing that. Not sure what, though.It is, however – getting fairly close – last time I checked it was just messing up the kingdom page (that, and you’ll need some functions to replicate the GM_* functions used)

I have this really cool idea that I think should be in Seraphiel.

Great! A few options.

  1. You can send me an email (jivlain @ and tell me all about it.
  2. Add me in MSN messenger –
  3. Seraphiel is open-source, licensed under the General Public License (v2). You can freely modify the source code and redistribute it under certain conditions. For details on modifying Seraphiel, the developer page has more information.
  4. Post it on the Seraphiel forums.

I’m a Platinum-level user. Will Seraphiel work for me?

No, unfortunately not. However, this will hopefully change soon πŸ™‚

Can I run both the extension and the Greasemonkey script?

No. Don’t really see why you’d want to, anyway. There’s nothing to stop you from trying, it just won’t work.

Can I run both Seraphiel and Metatron Plus?

Yes, but you’ll need to disable most of the Metatron Plus features, they won’t cooperate with Seraphiel. Using Seraphiel and Metatron Plus with just the sidebar enabled seems to be fairly popular πŸ™‚

Unfortunately, at this stage there’s no real way of arbitrarily disabling specific Seraphiel features.

What’s the difference between Seraphiel and Metatron Plus?

A long time ago, there was an extension for Utopia called Metatron, maintained by a fellow called Victor (indeed, it had originally been known as “Victor’s Utopia Utilities”. And all was good. Until, one day, Mehul decided to completely revamp Utopia’s layout (without fixing any of the nagging interface issues that Metatron was created to solve). The new layout stopped the current version of Metatron from working. Unfortunately, Victor had gone missing – as, indeed, had the site that Metatron was hosted on.

Anyway, I didn’t really feel like trying to figure out how Metatron worked without any input from previous developers or any of the documentation (which had gone down with the website), and so decided to make Seraphiel (Seraphiel, like Metatron, is a member of the Seraphim, an order of angels). Around the same time, some other developers had taken the Metatron source code and made a working version of Metatron – Metatron Plus – with it. I think that both came out in the same week, or pretty close to it.

We’ve periodically all come to the conclusion that Seraphiel and Metatron Plus should be merged, but noone’s really found the time to do it. The code for each is quite differently structured, and so it would not be a trivial task.


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