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Where’s the source?
The easiest way to get at the source code is to download the Greasemonkey script – that’s it šŸ™‚

If you’re running the Greasemonkey script already, you can just go to Tools->Greasemonkey->Manage User Scripts in Firefox, and then edit Seraphiel. This will open it up in a text editor that you can select. I generally use Notepad2.
How I do build the extension?
Download the extension, and rename it to (or something along those lines). You can extract the files with your favourite ZIP tool. The important files to modify are:

  • content/seraphiel.js: This is the key bit. Preferably it should be identical to the Greasemonkey script, just a slightly different name.
  • install.rdf: This is an XML file, you can open it with a text or XML editor.

The other files basically are a wrapper to make a Greasemonkey script work as an extension.
The process is simple: you just zip all the files you extracted back up and change the extension to .xpi. (and test it of course!)

Other files
There are a few images as part of Seraphiel. These are included in the code in Base64 encoding.
You can download the source PNGs: Source PNGs
An online tool for encoding these into Base64 is available from:


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