Seraphiel has a new home at


8 Responses to “Seraphiel”

  1. chid Says:

    ❤ Seraphiel

    but, New: v0.64 released!
    Install Seraphiel [116kb]
    // Seraphiel
    // version 0.642

    😛 have you got IM?

  2. chid Says:

    that one?

    same as

  3. chid Says:

    Jivlain, nice work with seraphiel, ❤ it 😛
    but, metatron won me over with mass message support so that I can now spam everyone one utopia \:D/

    Keep up the work!!

  4. chid Says:

    I worked it out :P, forgot to say 😀

  5. jivlain Says:

    I made everything from 0.643 to 0.6452 whilst hunting down a bug, 0.642 is still the current version.

  6. Seraphiel v0.7 released! « Jivlain Says:

    […] Seraphiel […]

  7. Regarding SubmitToTab « Jivlain Says:

    […] Seraphiel […]

  8. not a user Says:

    metatron won me over cause they are on the addons page for firefox

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