Webflicker makes the Australian DVD rental site Webflicks a little more userfriendly. There are a few more things planned, but right now it just:

  • While not logged in, redirects the home page to the login page
  • When logged in, adds a few convenient links to the left-hand side of every page


Webflicker is designed for the Firefox web browser. If you’re not already using it, I strongly recommend it.
You will need to have Greasemonkey. Greasemonkey is a nifty little Firefox extension which makes it easy to write things like Webflicker.
Got all that? Good! Now, you’re ready to install Webflicker. Just click here and select Install 🙂


Webflicker is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2.


Bugs, suggestions, ideas, and general ranting is available in the Scripts forum.


2 Responses to “Webflicker”

  1. Webflicker 0.1b1 released! « Jivlain Says:

    […] Webflicker is an attempt to fix a few of the problems. It doesn’t make their cookies last longer, though it does automatically redirect you from the useless home page to the login page. It doesn’t stop the overriding of the “Enter” key (yet…). And it provides a few handy links to commonly used (I think) Account pages on the left hand side of every page. […]

  2. Webflicker 0.1b2 out! « Jivlain Says:

    […] 0.1b2 out! Webflicker 0.1b2 has now been released. It’s not a big upgrade, just some incremental improvements to […]

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