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Yeah, that’s free will alright

July 30, 2007

Australian (presumably Victorian) police are investigating Telstra after it surfaced that Telstra had installed GPS devices in work cars without their technician’s consent.

But their technicians signed on agreeing to it!

Let’s see… (allegedly, )

  1. Four days before fitting their cars with GPS devices, Telstra gives its employees notice.
  2. Union objects.
  3. Telstra notifies employees they will probably be fired if they don’t agree.
  4. Some of them note, while signing, that they are doing so under duress.
  5. Telstra tells them they’ll probably be fired if they don’t take that bit off.
  6. Employees continue to refuse, Telstra gives them one last chance.
  7. Employees sign.

Hoorah! They agreed to it!

Article in The Australian