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August 14, 2006

There always remains the chance, perhaps, that some of you are interested in seeing me actually release something, instead of occasionally tantalising you all with exciting news about it. Well, I guess you’re going to continue to be disappointed. I’ve been having too much fun fiddling around with OpenGL (now I’ve got a dump truck moving down a highway, you can also make it tip) to actually make any progress on any of my hobby projects. It’s for uni – honest!

If you like, you can check out some of the Javascript-enhanced pages I designed for Utopia. If you look at my post on the Utopia forums, it explains the changes.


FlexToolbar: Good progress

July 26, 2006

The toolbar program (now called FlexToolbar) was programmed quite successfully, imo. It’s now working (mostly), but the interface is somewhat… quirky. Anyone else who used it would say it’s poorly designed. I would say that I haven’t finished writing it yet.

Some details, if you happened to be interested: it’s like the Quick Launch Bar in Windows… but with tabs! I quite like the Quick Launch Bar… and, as such, tend to crowd it. Indeed, on one of the computers I regularly use I’ve actually given up on trying organising it into just one toolbar and have 3 extra toolbars (albeit just small ones) floating around.

So, instead, you get to create tabs like “Files” or “Programming” or “Web Dev” (well, these are some of the tabs I’m likely to create myself) and drag the appropriate icons onto it. Then you can use the contents of each tab like the Quick Launch Bar. Good stuff.

I imagine I’ll be releasing it at some point in the future (when the interface is a little less quirky), most likely as freeware. So all can join in the merriment!

I’m still sick. Watched National Treasure today, and enjoyed that (I told you not to rely on me for movie reviews). I may at some point post what I thought about Superman, which I saw a week or two ago.

Need to use a restroom right now? Then you’re problem is solved – or at least, it is if you’re in Australia, and can apparently find an internet-connected computer quicker than a public toilet – Well, at least it isn’t There you go – all you potential tourists out there. We’ve got a national map of our bathroom commodes. So where the bloody hell are you?Maybe it will be more useful if and when wireless internet (particularly on laptops) becomes more common.

The VCD file format on the TV tuner card seems to be a decent choice for recording. Definitely watchable quality (even if watching on full-screen) and only a quite reasonable 300mb for a 30 minute show. Created files play fine in PowerDVD (my usual choice for watching DVDs) and Windows Media Player 9.


July 22, 2006

I’m sick at the moment, which may have contributed to why it’s been so long between posts.
Doing a few interesting things at the moment, a Windows desktop Toolbar sort of thing. Plus a tool for drawing Entity Relationship Diagrams (both in C#). I really should focus occasionally, rather than work on four separate personal projects at once. But that gives me so much less excuse to procrastinate, which is something that I am very good at.

I got voice recording working on the TV Tuner; I think I may need a larger hard drive.
That said, here’s some more “English” from the software interface:
“it can record high quality voice when you select correct input path from soundcard. The advanced tv card has no use for sound card to audio capture, it capture voice adopt DMA channel and voice will be more reality”
That is a whole section from the configuration page, punctuation is all as written too 😉

Coming clean

July 13, 2006

I have been rather tight-lipped about the “hobby project”, and it occurs to me that I have no particularly logical reason for this.

So, basically, it’s a (cross-platform) set of calculators/utilities for the online game Utopia.

That said, right now, it’s a window with a two menus (File->Exit and Help->About) and a statusbar.

I’m sure I will progress some more on that later.

Editor’s note: This eventually was cancelled, and out of its ashes rose Seraphiel.

However, recently Mehul (Utopia’s creator) has asked for submissions in helping redesign the game’s interface, and I am doing a lot of work on my vision for Utopia. And I have something quite special planned, it just remains to create the prototype. I’ll let you know how I’m doing on that. Indeed, some of the ideas I plan to implement in the Utopia redesign will have a lot of influence on what I build into my calculator, so we’ll see how they mash together as it happens.

I’ll call that project “Newtopia” for the moment. I’ll be implementing many of the suggestions (particular my own :p) found in the Utopia Layout / Interface Improvements thread on the B&S board.