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July 22, 2006

I’m sick at the moment, which may have contributed to why it’s been so long between posts.
Doing a few interesting things at the moment, a Windows desktop Toolbar sort of thing. Plus a tool for drawing Entity Relationship Diagrams (both in C#). I really should focus occasionally, rather than work on four separate personal projects at once. But that gives me so much less excuse to procrastinate, which is something that I am very good at.

I got voice recording working on the TV Tuner; I think I may need a larger hard drive.
That said, here’s some more “English” from the software interface:
“it can record high quality voice when you select correct input path from soundcard. The advanced tv card has no use for sound card to audio capture, it capture voice adopt DMA channel and voice will be more reality”
That is a whole section from the configuration page, punctuation is all as written too 😉


TV tuner

July 14, 2006

Today I got a Swann PCI TV tuner card for my computer. I’m actually quite impressed. Reception is pretty much perfect on my indoor antenna, much better than what my TV gets.

Unfortunately the “English” interface of the included software was written by someone with, at best, passing familiarity with the English language (an example: “Computer will automatism shut down after a period of time, please save your modification in time to avoid data lose”), and it doesn’t seem to record sound. I’m sure that’s just something that I haven’t figured out how to configure yet.