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The hardest game of DOW I’ve ever won…

October 29, 2006

Yikes. Talk about a tough game. Me (+a couple AI) vs Necrons.
Take a look at the little map I drew of the game. That came down to the wire… with most of my base destroyed even as my main army conquered far from home. Good fun.

Another thing I found: you’re now limited to just two Leman Russ tanks. And did they use to take up 5 pop each? I can’t remember…

On to other topics. I seem to be having difficulty logging on to Gmail at the moment. I can get through, it just requires the jumping through of several hoops that didn’t need jumping through before.

I’m downloading FF 2.0 at the moment (I really ought to have done this sooner, but with assignments I haven’t a spare moment to think about such things). I’ll post some thoughts on it when I’ve had a bit of a chance to look at it, and update the Seraphiel extension to support it.


Dawn of War: Dark Crusade

October 27, 2006

I’ve been enjoying Dawn of War for some time now (since Winter Assault came out basically – Imperial Guard is my preference). This afternoon I got Dark Crusade, and, playing as Necrons, got mercilessly crushed by Chaos. Which is odd, seeing as Chaos has been the weak whipping race in previous versions. The AI, anyway. Maybe they improved it. Meh.

Anyway, onto the Guard for some Orc slaughtering. Always fun. The addition of heavy weapons teams was nice. I also appreciated them allowing you to build turrets whereever you like, instead of just in control zone areas.

Kasryns and Ogryns are limited to one squad of each, but then, the game’s usually more or less over well before I get a second squad of either into the fray.

For some reason, the game lasted long enough for me to build a Baneblade. My games rarely last long enough for me to finish one. And, even better, to get it into combat. Boom. Or maybe it was just because I changed strats a bit and started advancing my base earlier.

Guard squad size has increased too. You start with 5 guardsmen (instead of 4) and by filling up the squad (including a sergeant and a leader (commissar or priest)) you can get 14 soldiers to a unit (instead of 11). A nice touch.

Anyway, I’m overall happy with the additions to the game, and quite satisfied with the purchase. And I’ll probably make a point of playing against Necrons or Tau at some point.

If you’re interested, I also collect Imperial Guard in the real world. Well, technically I do anyway. I just haven’t added anything (or done terribly much painting for that matter) over the last couple of years. I’ve put up a photo of some of my favourite models. Apologies for the quality: it was taken with a webcam.

Empire Earth II

July 3, 2006

I bought Empire Earth II today (it takes me a very long time to get around to these sorts of things, for which reason you might not want to rely on this too heavily for gaming reviews, unless you’re like me in being unlikely to buy a game until it’s on sale for 50% and you’re looking for something to keep you from doing anything constructive, like working on a certain utility program in wxWidgets). I’ve had a bit of a go at it, and while I haven’t seen a lot of it yet, I must say I’m quite fascinated by a few of its ideas. The war planner particularly, the Picture-in-Picture window, and the weather.

The controls seem a bit clunky, but that’s probably more unfamiliarity with them than anything else. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of them in the time I remain fascinated with those features before I finally go onto eBay and find a copy of Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, which is a game I enjoyed… indeed, enjoyed so much the CD was first worn out, then lost somewhere or other. Lost, before I got that resurfacing thingamawatsit (that was on sale too, albeit a while back). Hoorah for Age of Empires 2+planes! Heheheheh. But I’m getting off topic.

I’m honestly not sure if having played Rise of Nations helped or hindered… they were just similar enough for the controls to crash…

Come to think of it, I’m not sure what the topic ever was. I mean, this blog was supposedly about programming, it just didn’t turn out that way…