G’day! I’m Joel Rein, a software developer from Australia. I’m currently working as a software developer, and studing IT at university.

I love to code, and spend a great deal of my time doing it. Rarely finish anything, but if ever I do, I’m sure you’ll find links to it from here. Currently available is Seraphiel, a set of user interface improvements for an online game, and Webflicker, some improvements for an Australian DVD rental site.

I should probably get around to releasing some sort of actual program one of these days. But, that’s me. I usually just stick with projects long enough to either:

  1. get it to the MeWare stage, or
  2. learnt anything interesting that could be learnt with that project

And then I move on to whatever new gimmick I’m thinking I need that week, like the NADD-afflicted geek that I am.


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