Seraphiel v0.83 released!

This version is updated for the new age. Reloading thievery operations seems to work again as well.

There are a few changes to the war room as well:

  • Attacks are reloaded once immediately after being made. This happened a while ago, but was lost in a bug.
  • When not reloading an attack, the number of generals is set to a default of 0.

This version will most probably not be compatible with the new Genesis, a new update will be needed once I know what URL that will be on.

Go install it now!


One Response to “Seraphiel v0.83 released!”

  1. Aran Says:

    Been a big fan of Seraphiel for about a year now, keep up the good work!

    A couple of little bugs on the kingdom page – Seraphiel eats kingdom names, and also hides the honour ranks of provinces.

    A suggestion: Utopiapimp doesn’t like the nw/a column on the kd page. Any chance you could reinstate the toggle nw/a column switch for ease of posting this page into pimp?

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