Seraphiel 0.81 released!

This version adds the link to Swirve/OMAC’s new blog, and should fix a small bug in the throne page formatters for very large offense and defense values.

Go download it now!


2 Responses to “Seraphiel 0.81 released!”

  1. Shakes Says:

    Are you working on a version that is compatible w/ Firefox v. 3.0.1?

  2. Simon B Says:

    So what is Seraphiel supposed to do? There are no instructions or help file.
    I have installed this addon into Firefox but and activated it but the only thing that I can see that is different is that there are now hyperlinks to kingdoms but that’s about all. Also, I now can’t ‘go back’ to repeat the last TM op. That’s all. No other features/changes/benefits are noted.

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