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Regarding SubmitToTab

March 19, 2008

One of my favourite Firefox extensions is SubmitToTab. SubmitToTab allows you to middle-click or control-click a button and have it open up in a new tab.

Incidentally, it works great with Seraphiel, and some of the recently added features are even better (in my opinion, anyway), when enhanced by SubmitToTab.

One caveat, though: Utopia targets thievery operations, spells, attacks, and messages are directed at the last kingdom selected. Whichever location is being displayed is not taken into account. It’s similar to the cross-posting bug with the forums, though the consequences can potentially be worse. It doesn’t really matter whether or not you’re using Seraphiel there: having multiple kingdoms open in multiple tabs (no matter how they got opened) can cause this sort of problem.


Seraphiel v0.7 released!

March 14, 2008

The new version of Seraphiel is now out!

In addition to everything from before, this new version now includes:

  • Direct links to the magic, thievery, and send messages pages from the kingdom page.
  • Links to the kingdom page from the magic, thievery, send messages and war room page.
  • An issue that prevented scrolling when using Utopia’s “Alternate Display” layout has been fixed.

Have fun!