Javascript explosion

I was looking at some blog today, having found a link to it on Reddit. The content was looking a bit odd, and, as most people these days don’t seem to test their websites with Javascript turned off these days, I decided to see what NoScript was protecting me from.

Javascript sources
Probably some sort of widget “thing” for showing people what books you have/like
Because serving images with a <img> tag is not good enough anymore
Presumably he uses this as his blog host
For affiliate links
This was the domain the blog was on
Google ads
As a guess, providing visitor statistics

Javascript from all these places is being pulled in for a fairly simple blog site. WordPress hasn’t quite thrown that much onto my blog here, but there is itself, Google Analytics, and another that seems to rank my traffic compared to other sites.

Kinda reminds of the way that everyone seems to be having a great time introducing dependency hell into all their desktop apps too.

I sometimes wonder about the privacy implications for users if visiting one site requires hits on a dozen other servers. It’s getting a bit crazy.

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