On Windows Vista

I loved reading Coding Sanity’s review of the experience of upgrading from Windows Vista to XP.
… I notice that the Reliability Report is also gone, again a sore loss, I really enjoyed charting the downward spiral of my Vista reliability, there were those occasional humps that got you all excited, and then the graph would continue its steady sojourn downwards.

Personally, my experience with Vista was basically that something broke every time I used any shutdown option. Restart, and the monitor stopped working. Hibernate, and the thing didn’t wake up again. Log off, and it would freeze. Shut down, and the thing would stop part-way through booting, and the only way to get it working again was to go into safe mode and then restart. That magically fixed it. Eventually, safe mode stopped fixing it and I was forced to upgrade to XP myself. That computer, now back to XP, has been running flawlessly for months since.

Many people are finding things work fine on Vista. Maybe that was my mistake. I should have, I guess, gone out and bought a new computer for it, because that way presumably the OEM would have tested that model and all its drivers on Vista. But, let’s be frank, I’m not feeling any great compulsion to buy a new computer right now. This one works fine – with XP, anyway. Framerate’s just fine for the games I enjoy playing, even though it is true that they aren’t always the newest releases. Well, ok, they’re never the newest releases. I still miss Zone 66, preinstalled by the manufacturer on the old MS-DOS/Windows 3.11 computer.

There are a few things I like about Vista – the enhancements to Explorer, for example, the almost-instant search in the Start menu (Launchy, for example, is “more” instant). And it’s about time that they recognised that the Date/Time control panel is a calendar.

But it’s not enough for a computer that I can’t shutdown without a feeling of gloom and despair in the pit of my stomach. My next desktop computer will probably come with Vista preinstalled, and that will presumably work. And I’ll be happy with it, then.

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