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Yeah, that’s free will alright

July 30, 2007

Australian (presumably Victorian) police are investigating Telstra after it surfaced that Telstra had installed GPS devices in work cars without their technician’s consent.

But their technicians signed on agreeing to it!

Let’s see… (allegedly, )

  1. Four days before fitting their cars with GPS devices, Telstra gives its employees notice.
  2. Union objects.
  3. Telstra notifies employees they will probably be fired if they don’t agree.
  4. Some of them note, while signing, that they are doing so under duress.
  5. Telstra tells them they’ll probably be fired if they don’t take that bit off.
  6. Employees continue to refuse, Telstra gives them one last chance.
  7. Employees sign.

Hoorah! They agreed to it!

Article in The Australian


Yeah, thanks for helping me trust you

July 30, 2007

Text message from my mobile phone provider (Optus) – emphasis is mine:

To get a free ringtone, call 966 and select 9 after the greeting. Call costs 30c/30secs, standard data charges apply, expires 30/08/07.

I’m not entirely sure which definition of free costs 30c/30secs and then some. I very much doubt that they’re going to be granting every caller enough intellectual property to describe it as libre.

Also, what sort of person would want to pay to get an unspecified ringtone?

Spam is boring.

July 28, 2007

Really? Couldn’t one of them mix in just a little of the stuff from their image spam brethren?

Seraphiel 0.60 released!

July 9, 2007

A bunch of smallish changes, but I feel that they add up to a lot 🙂

New features:

  • Auto-hide Seraphiel menu and monarch messages (thanks Avarice!)
  • Messages received now fit your style
  • A character count has been added to the send messages page
  • Arrows showing which way you’re sorting provinces in the kingdom page
  • More per-acre ratios in the throne page (in report view)
  • The actual percentages you have of each building is shown, along with the effects


  • Kingdom locations are converted into links faster (thanks Avarice!)
  • The resource bar pinning is a little bit nicer
  • The monarch message is retrieved somewhat more reliably

(P.S. I added a developers page.)

Newb-nix 01: “nclude”

July 6, 2007

When you open the vi text editor, you start in “command” mode, which allows you to use various commands for deleting text, regular expressions, jumping to lines, inserting lines, and so forth. Anyway, to actually write stuff, you’ve got to go into one of the various edit modes. This requires pressing one of a few various keys (for example, i for insert, a for append, R for replace, and so on).

And here, we see me continuously forgetting to go into insert mode.

Using vi...