300 (hours)….

300 has been released; it’s a great movie…

…or so I’ve been told. You see, it hasn’t been released here yet. Indeed, it won’t be released here for a couple of weeks yet.

It’s not as though Australia is too far off the map. Yeah, it’s across the Pacific Ocean, and all, but the world is constantly getting smaller. And according to IMDB, it’s been out in the Phillipines for a fortnight. Gah?

Qantas offers me a choice of 14 flight plans from Los Angelas to Sydney each day, including several direct flights. Travel time ranges between 14 and 23 hours (depending on whether you have stop-overs or not). There is no technical reason why it takes a whole month for them to get around to releasing a movie to be released in Australia.

Any ideas?


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