Seraphiel 0.51 released!

Seraphiel 0.51 has now been released! This new version:

  • Adds a military training cost calculator: see how much the troops you’re about to train will cost
  • Factors in diminishing building efficiency into the buildings calculator
  • Improves the user interface, lightening some things up and adding more options

The technique for setting themes has been changed a bit. Now you can set a theme for Utopia by simply selecting it from a drop-down list at the bottom of Utopia’s preference page. This version looks a lot neater (well, I think so, anyway).

Also you can choose whether you want to “pin” the resources bar to the top of the screen or to simply use the basic resources bar normally found in Utopia. The option is right below the theme drop-down (convenient 😉).

Oh, yeah, and I added a new theme, “Starbright”. You can see it in action in the screenshot below.


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