MS+search=no results found

PrestonLee has a comparison of searching for an email in Outlook and Apple’s mail app.

Windows – up to Vista at least – was also really, really bad. Vista is, at least, supposed to be somewhat less impractical.

So… let’s try their new “Live” search engine.
The first search term that comes to mind: ms+search. Where do you suppose Live search factors in there?

First, maybe? Second?

No. Live search isn’t on the first page of results. Indeed, none of the first page is even talking about Live search. There are a few (8) related searches, though. Let’s check them.

The first one, “Ms Search Engine”, sounds pretty good. No, it’s not there either. Keeps going on about some Flash-based search engine called “Ms. Dewey”*, which apparently disciplines you when you search badly.

What about the second? “Ms Search Win”? A bit obscure, but you never know…
No, nothing.

Indeed, none of these “related searches” will tell me about Live search. I think I’ll stick with Google.

I think I suddenly lost all confidence in the notion of Vista providing a decent desktop search.

*: The search results for “MS Search Engine” referred mostly to “Ms. Dewey”. Wikipedia tells me that this is an experimental user interface for Live search that Microsoft is mostly using viral marketing to tell people about.


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