Seraphiel 0.50 released!

Seraphiel 0.50 has now been released! This version adds quite a major feature: mass messaging assist! Basically, if you are sending a message to another member of your own kingdom (it only works on intra-kingdom messages), Seraphiel will automatically reload your message and select the next province in the kingdom so all you have to do is press the “Send Message” button once for each message you want to send.

Also, links within kingdom forums are now turned into hyperlinks as well.

If you are using the Greasemonkey script, please update your version of Greasemonkey to the most recent version (this is currently 0.6.6). There seem to be some issues with older versions.

Both the extension and the Greasemonkey script have been updated, so enjoy!

There seems to be an issue with the formatters and the kingdom page on Patron-level accounts (in all versions). The fix is simple but will take a while, so it’ll probably end up in the next version.

Technical note: The extension is now created using the original version of Arantius’ User Script Compiler instead of a somewhat modified version of it. So if you wish to edit Seraphiel you can just use that to compile the user script. At some point I’ll create a Developers page with this sort of information on it…


One Response to “Seraphiel 0.50 released!”

  1. anonymous Says:

    like the tool but i feel it could do with some changes.
    ei the post in the forums

    thanks for making it avaliable.

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