Seraphiel 0.41 released!

After a grueling, almost-2-month-long coding process, the new version of Seraphiel, 0.41, is now available.

I lie, I lie, I just added in a small function this afternoon. Basically, this adds convenient links to the Affairs of the State, Military, Building and Mystics advisors in the top bar.

Note that due to the limited space available in that area, the links will only actually be visible at a screen resolution of 1024×768 or greater. Any smaller and they’ll still be there, just below the area that’s actually displayed. I will investigate options as to how to get them visible at lower resolutions.

Anyway, both the Greasemonkey script and the extension have been updated. The links are on the right.

Two things to note:

  1. The download link for the Greasemonkey script has been changed, due to a temporary problem with uploads on the server I’d been using for that. Once that’s resolved I’ll switch it back.
  2. The “b” has been removed from the version, after two months I figure it’s looking fairly stable enough that we don’t have to call it a “beta” anymore.

Oh, and I added a FAQ too (I can hear it now: Worst. FAQ. Ever.).

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