The hardest game of DOW I’ve ever won…

Yikes. Talk about a tough game. Me (+a couple AI) vs Necrons.
Take a look at the little map I drew of the game. That came down to the wire… with most of my base destroyed even as my main army conquered far from home. Good fun.

Another thing I found: you’re now limited to just two Leman Russ tanks. And did they use to take up 5 pop each? I can’t remember…

On to other topics. I seem to be having difficulty logging on to Gmail at the moment. I can get through, it just requires the jumping through of several hoops that didn’t need jumping through before.

I’m downloading FF 2.0 at the moment (I really ought to have done this sooner, but with assignments I haven’t a spare moment to think about such things). I’ll post some thoughts on it when I’ve had a bit of a chance to look at it, and update the Seraphiel extension to support it.


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