Firefox 2.0 (and Seraphiel 0.3b4)

So, a quick initial look at Firefox 2.0. I (initially) strongly disliked the default theme. It took me all of two minutes to go looking for one that looked more like Firefox 1.5. And found one I did: Winestripe, and there was much rejoicing. I later forgave it and switched back.

I just love the spell checking feature. Shame the default is in US English. It’s colour, damnit. And that’s spelt right too. Dang, “spelt” IS a word. Doggone it, it’s just not happy, it’s not. But then I installed a new dictionary.

I don’t much care for the changes to the tabs. I want to have a close button on the extreme right, not a silly drop-down list of the tabs I’ve currently got open. I’ll just click the tab, thank you very much. Happily there is a fix for it (set browser.tabs.closeButtons in about:config to 3).

Indeed, while I was at it I made a bunch of changes to about:config.
See editing about:config

So. Seraphiel 0.3b4. I’ve updated Seraphiel to 0.3b4. The Greasemonkey script has not been updated: it doesn’t need to be. This just fixes to issues with the extension:

  1. The alert that popped up occasionally saying that “Error: str has no properties”
  2. Compatibility with Firefox 2.0 has been added

Nevertheless the code changes made here will be present in future versions of the Greasemonkey script: I’m not planning on maintaining multiple sets of code.

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