Seraphiel 0.2b2 released!

Seraphiel 0.2b2 is now out!

This new versions offers a whole bunch of features:

  • Improved attack calculator
  • Can now disable attack and building calculators
  • Remembers kingdom page settings (show ratio/sorting)
  • Shows monarch’s message and Utopian date on each page
  • Kingdom numbers throughout the game transformed into hyperlinks (not in the forums as yet)

Along with a few bug fixes

  • DEAD provinces no longer interfere with kd page sorting by networth/land
  • Provinces with Compatible with the Pimp Agent Beta
  • Various code improvements
  • Can now cast another spell after doing a CB (it used to stop the button from working)
  • And more…

Please do note that there remains an existing bug for Halflings/Elves on their Buildings Page, it will display the effects of some buildings incorrectly. I am working on fixing this.

From now on, links to the current versions of Seraphiel will be placed in the menu on the left: this makes version management a bit easier.

0.2b2 is also available as an XPI.

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