Seraphiel -Compatibility

Seraphiel works nicely with Angel and Pimp, just use the Standard Mode.

It doesn’t seem to work with Pimp Agent (later update: it does now).
I’m hoping to fix that, and preferably to make Report mode available to Pimp as well.

Please don’t try using the XPI and the Greasemonkey script all at once. This will cause conflicts.

As for using it with Metatron Plus… well, probably not the greatest of ideas. I just know they’re not going to cooperate in a friendly and civil manner.

Off topic, please note that the XPI format may also lag behind the Greasemonkey format in updates a bit… particularly early as I’ll be churning them out regularly 😉
What I’m basically saying is, I’d advise using the XPI format unless you are strongly against installing Greasemonkey.


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