Seraphiel 0.1b2 released

Remember that you need Greasemonkey installed in order to use Seraphiel.

Seraphiel 0.1b2 includes several fixes.

  • Toggle/preference buttons now fixed in a certain position in the window, regardless of scrolling – this is a fair bit nicer.
  • New messages bug fixed.
  • Genesis support added

Also, I have used Arantius’ XPI Compiler to turn Seraphiel into a full Firefox extension.
Do note, however, that this will make it more difficult to add/modify themes (I will post more about this soon).

On the plus side, due to the (layers) of compression added by the XPI format, it’s also a bit smaller. Granted, the original wasn’t exactly big enough to overly trouble someone on a 14.4kbps, I just thought I’d mention this before anyone thought something had become corrupted.


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