Seraphiel 0.1 beta 1 release

Seraphiel 0.1b1 is now online!

I’ve created a forum for it, to make discussion/bugposting/suggestions/etc easy.

Ok, time to step back a bit. What is Seraphiel?

Well, it’s a Greasemonkey script for Utopia.


  • Remember T/M ops
  • Throne page/Science page/Buildings page/CB/Survey/SoS/SoM formatters
  • Sortable kingdom pages
  • Nw/acre column on kingdom page
  • Buildings calculator
  • Themes (choose your own colour scheme for Utopia)
  • All completely integrated into the game windows and built into Utopia.

Planned features for future releases:

  • Attack calculator
  • Military training optimiser
  • Construction optimiser
  • T/M op summaries

This is beta software, and there are a few bugs in it.
Currently Seraphiel only supports World of Legends, Genesis support and support for the next tournament is planned.
There is also a board in the forums I set up where you can help me figure out how to add the planned features 😉

So please, download! Enjoy! And give me feedback.

You will need either Firefox or Portable Firefox (a version that you can pop on a thumb drive or on systems that won’t allow you to install software) plus Greasemonkey.

Wondering what the name means? See Seraphiel’s page on Wikipedia (that page is related to the angel Seraphiel, which this is named after).

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