Been a while…

Yeah, ok, I have been a bit slack lately.

So, some updates:

  • I’m not currently using Code::Blocks. Nothing against the environment in particular, just wasn’t for me. I’m currently using a little C compiler called LCC-Win32. It’s small, it works, and it goes nicely on my USB key. It wasn’t actually designed as a portable app, but simply copy/pasting it onto the USB key more or less works. You just have to tell it where the include files are kept the first time you use it on each computer. There may even be a workaround for it somewhere, I haven’t really looked.
  • I’m about to install the XNA Game Studio Express beta. I’ll probably post some thoughts on it either tonight or sometime this weekend.
  • I’m currently working on (among other things) a Firefox extension and/or set of Greasemonkey scripts for Utopia. The features list is unconfirmed at the moment.
  • I’ll probably put some OpenGL examples up soon, so you can all admire the artistic wonder of them.
  • I quite like a site I ran across the other day, The Daily WTF?!, a site housing collections of some of the more stupid moments in IT.

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