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Giant bug invades Germany

September 29, 2006

Giant insect bugs Germans
Ich zumindest heisse unsere neuen Insektenoberherrscher willkommen! (I for one welcome our new insect overlords… or, as Babelfish translates it, “I at least am called our new insect upper rulers welcomely”)

Satellite navigation ain’t that good after all
They just don’t make bridges like they used to.

Yes, I have been looking at Slashdot again. Apologies.


Rightio then….

September 28, 2006

Pens in space

Somewhere between funny and disturbing.

Seraphiel 0.2b4 released!

September 27, 2006

Another version is out, this is also a quick one, and the Halfling/Elf buildings page bug remains unfixed.

However, a bug preventing the user from switching themes has been fixed, and the themes system has been recoded a bit in a way that allows it to run a bit quicker and also makes it easier to add custom themes.

The XPI has also been updated.

Seraphiel 0.2b3 released!

September 26, 2006

This new version basically provides a fairly quickish fix to the memory leak issue. It’s not perfect as yet, but a lot better than before and this seems to have fixed up *most* of the problem – it now leaves a much smaller memory footprint.

Update: The XPI has now been updated.

Memory leakage

September 25, 2006

I’m pretty sure Seraphiel is currently leaking memory like a bucket with no base. I’m going to be fixing that in 0.2b3. Hopefully the Halfling/Elf buildings page too, but getting out a fix to the memory leakage is top prioirity. For non-developers, a memory leak is basically a problem that results in the program using up far more memory than it should be (it’s not a security problem, just a performance one, in case anyone was worried).

Seraphiel 0.2b2 released!

September 25, 2006

Seraphiel 0.2b2 is now out!

This new versions offers a whole bunch of features:

  • Improved attack calculator
  • Can now disable attack and building calculators
  • Remembers kingdom page settings (show ratio/sorting)
  • Shows monarch’s message and Utopian date on each page
  • Kingdom numbers throughout the game transformed into hyperlinks (not in the forums as yet)

Along with a few bug fixes

  • DEAD provinces no longer interfere with kd page sorting by networth/land
  • Provinces with Compatible with the Pimp Agent Beta
  • Various code improvements
  • Can now cast another spell after doing a CB (it used to stop the button from working)
  • And more…

Please do note that there remains an existing bug for Halflings/Elves on their Buildings Page, it will display the effects of some buildings incorrectly. I am working on fixing this.

From now on, links to the current versions of Seraphiel will be placed in the menu on the left: this makes version management a bit easier.

0.2b2 is also available as an XPI.

Seraphiel 0.1b3 released

September 18, 2006

The latest version of Seraphiel is now out – 0.1b3.

Please note that the link has changed. This latest version fixes:

  • Calculation bugs in attack page
  • Bugs in science & growth pages after performing some action
  • General code improvements
  • Another go at stopping Seraphiel from corrupting the CAPTCHA page (ie “Please type this 3 letter/number security code…”)

This will (hopefully) be the last release in the 0.1 version.
It is not currently available as an XPI, I’ll be putting one of those up tonight (unless I get a 0.2 release done by then).

I’m going to get started on 0.2, which will add some more features, now 😉

Seraphiel -Compatibility

September 18, 2006

Seraphiel works nicely with Angel and Pimp, just use the Standard Mode.

It doesn’t seem to work with Pimp Agent (later update: it does now).
I’m hoping to fix that, and preferably to make Report mode available to Pimp as well.

Please don’t try using the XPI and the Greasemonkey script all at once. This will cause conflicts.

As for using it with Metatron Plus… well, probably not the greatest of ideas. I just know they’re not going to cooperate in a friendly and civil manner.

Off topic, please note that the XPI format may also lag behind the Greasemonkey format in updates a bit… particularly early as I’ll be churning them out regularly 😉
What I’m basically saying is, I’d advise using the XPI format unless you are strongly against installing Greasemonkey.

Themes in Seraphiel

September 18, 2006

Seraphiel offers a number of themes which you can use to customise your playing experience. By default, Seraphiel comes with the following themes:

  • Utopia (essentially the current Utopia format)
  • Crikey! (Australiana green & gold)
  • Stars and Stripes Forever (red, white & blue)
  • Dutch Courage (black on orange)
  • Teh 1 (Matrix-inspired green on black)
  • Comrade Mehul (black on red)

You can set your theme on the (ingame) Preferences page using the buttons on the left.
Note that at the moment your theme will apply to both WoL and Genesis (there’s no technical reason why they couldn’t or shouldn’t be independant, that’s just the way they are).

If you’re interested, however, you can create your own themes; it really is very easy, particularly if you know some basic CSS. And if you don’t know some basic CSS, you could learn (it’s not that hard), or alternatively post the sort of colours you want on the forums and either I or someone else will have a look at it.

The process goes

  1. Find the section in the code (to get at the code, go to Tools->Manage User Scripts->select Seraphiel->click “Edit”) that goes somewhat like this:
    	Styles[0]=new Style("Utopia", "", "", "", "", "", "",
            "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "");
  2. Copy one of the styles and paste it immediately after the last other theme (it doesn’t have to be this way but it will make things convenient).
  3. Go through and change each of the indexes (eg Styles[0] the index is 0) to the next available number (for your first custom theme, this is 6).
  4. Edit the properties as you like. Just above the first theme is a brief explanation of what each of the values changes. It’s a good idea to stick to changing text properties like color, background-color, font-weight, text-decoration, font-size, etc – many of the other properties have a substantive effect on functionality.
  5. You’re done – you can now set this theme on Utopia’s preferences page

Some notes:

  • The .throneTime element does not actually do anything at the moment. That will change, though.
  • CSS uses US English. “colour” or “background-colour” will not be recognised.
  • The curly brackets are there for a reason

One disclaimer: it will be substantially harder to add themes if you are using a .XPI version of Seraphiel. Basically, to get at this code you’d have to change the name from seraphiel.xpi to, take out the content folder, modify the seraphiel.js in there and then put it back in place.

Also please note that if you upgrade Seraphiel, your themes will be lost.
It would be a good idea to save your changes in some other file, and then you can put them back in after upgrading.

If you’ve created a theme, please share it with us. It may well find its way into a future version of Seraphiel!

Seraphiel 0.1b2 released

September 18, 2006

Remember that you need Greasemonkey installed in order to use Seraphiel.

Seraphiel 0.1b2 includes several fixes.

  • Toggle/preference buttons now fixed in a certain position in the window, regardless of scrolling – this is a fair bit nicer.
  • New messages bug fixed.
  • Genesis support added

Also, I have used Arantius’ XPI Compiler to turn Seraphiel into a full Firefox extension.
Do note, however, that this will make it more difficult to add/modify themes (I will post more about this soon).

On the plus side, due to the (layers) of compression added by the XPI format, it’s also a bit smaller. Granted, the original wasn’t exactly big enough to overly trouble someone on a 14.4kbps, I just thought I’d mention this before anyone thought something had become corrupted.