I’ve been using either MS Visual C++ 2005 or Dev-C++ for most of my C/C++ development work. Not that there has historically been too much of that.

Dev-C++ came with the first book I learnt on C++, which is basically why I used that, and the MS VC++ because that’s what was, by and large, being used in my 3D graphics course.

I’ve never really liked Microsoft’s C++ environments, which is rather odd, as I typically prefer MS dev environments to others, but then, it was probably always preferable to Dev-C++, in which I seemed to have an inordinate amount of difficulty creating anything more complicated than a console application.

Anyway, I downloaded and installed Code::Blocks tonight, and I’ll be trying this out on the weekend. It looks OK at the moment, and the templates seem a nice idea. I’ll have a look at compiling GLUT and wxWidgets in it, and then we’ll see what’s what.

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