Metatron, a Firefox extension for making the formatting in Utopia a little nicer which I have used for a while, hasn’t been updated recently (since March). Indeed, because of the recent update to Utopia’s interface, the current version of Metatron scarcely works anymore.

So I googled to see if the site had been moved or something. Doing so, I found that Metatron is the name of an Angel in Judaism. Aside from being something new I learnt today, it’s clearly a tongue-in-cheek reference to a common calculator for Utopia, Utopia Angel. Kudos for the hidden pun!

Meanwhile, the new round of Utopia has recently started for proper, and people are discovering major bugs all over the place. Moreso than usual.

One Response to “Metatron”

  1. zewrestler Says:

    good luck to the kd this age. ~ Chaos

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