Coming clean

I have been rather tight-lipped about the “hobby project”, and it occurs to me that I have no particularly logical reason for this.

So, basically, it’s a (cross-platform) set of calculators/utilities for the online game Utopia.

That said, right now, it’s a window with a two menus (File->Exit and Help->About) and a statusbar.

I’m sure I will progress some more on that later.

Editor’s note: This eventually was cancelled, and out of its ashes rose Seraphiel.

However, recently Mehul (Utopia’s creator) has asked for submissions in helping redesign the game’s interface, and I am doing a lot of work on my vision for Utopia. And I have something quite special planned, it just remains to create the prototype. I’ll let you know how I’m doing on that. Indeed, some of the ideas I plan to implement in the Utopia redesign will have a lot of influence on what I build into my calculator, so we’ll see how they mash together as it happens.

I’ll call that project “Newtopia” for the moment. I’ll be implementing many of the suggestions (particular my own :p) found in the Utopia Layout / Interface Improvements thread on the B&S board.


One Response to “Coming clean”

  1. Kilkoi Says:

    Cool topic! šŸ˜‰

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