Heheh funny.

This is going to have to be quick, I’ll have to move back soon so I can get audio reception again. I have some difficulty getting SBS out here (though my new and somewhat more advanced aerial at least makes it possible, unlike with the bunny ears). Some difficulty, as in I have to precisely align my aerial, DVD/book collection, nail clippers and body after considering wind conditions, air temperature and humidity, burning several various herbs, chanting, and other miscellaneous rituals. Duct tape gets involved on occasions.

I get the feeling that not too many people expected both their teams to score in the first 19 minutes (and then not again for the next 80)? And maybe even the coaches? “Ok, you get out there, score early, and then defend for the rest of the match!” *other team scores too* Um…. errr…….

Anyway, later, one of the commentators commented that “Some players would get stage fright in that sort of situation” (as one of the French players did well to get a corner despite being opposed by three Italian defenders). You mean like actors, for example?

Sorry. Really…


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