Everyone’s against us

It’s part of the genetic makeup of all true Queenslanders to believe that everyone, absolutely everyone (except perhaps other red-blooded Queenslanders) is against us. Particularly is sporting contests, such as the Soccer World Cup (the refs, for example) to the State of Origin (the refs, commentators, television networks, newspapers and communication satellites). And now there is proof.

The State of Origin, for those who don’t live in Queensland or New South Wales, is the three-game series of rugby league played each year between teams made up respectively of Queenslanders and New South Welshmen. The result of this series is probably (well, let’s be frank, definitely) more important than the result of the grand final.

The first game went to those blinking southerners (ie, New South Wales) 17-16, after what a decidedly dishonourable field goal towards the end of the game. Then, Queensland slaughtered them 30-6 in the second game. And now it’s down to the decider tonight.

Now I live in a land surrounded by enemy territory (ie, in the ACT, which is surrounded by NSW).

Before the game, I was idly looking at a TV showing Today Tonight, a “current affairs” program (most current affairs shows here are essentially rubbish). I watched two segments:

  1. A Queensland doctor who’s just been re-registered, despite bashing his wife and using drugs
  2. A Queensland con-woman.

Oh yeah. That’s real subtle. Blinking southerners.


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