Captain Billy Gatesbeard…. arrrrrrr!

Apparently, Bill Gates told the Wall Street Journal that he’s in the habit of watching physics lectures on Youtube, despite the fact that these presumably weren’t posted by the lecturer in question (and thus pirated!). Also Harlem Globetrotters games.

Why the world’s richest man, who could undoubtedly afford to hire a physics tutor for his own personal interest (or a TiVo to tape the Globetrotter’s games), would want to watch low-quality movies of those things on Youtube escapes me, but I am not the world’s richest man, so I wouldn’t know.

Now, I haven’t actually read the article in question, but 45000 bloggers can’t be wrong. I figured I ought to post this before I had to repurpose this as a “Soccer & other miscellaneous stuff” blog…


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