Some new holidays, and a new project

Well, Friday saw the end of exams for Semester 1, 2006. Quite a relief, unsurprisingly. I figure I did fairly well. Holidays now, for the moment, at least in theory, though it largely just means that I’ll be at work more.

Nevertheless, onward! Yesterday I got started on a new hobby project I’d been meaning to start for a while – a cross-platform utility program (I’ll provide more details later), written in C++ with wxWidgets. This will be my first major project involving wxWidgets – and my first major application in C++ – quite a step for a long-time VB “programmer”, even if I did recently convert to C#.NET.

My inexperience with the odd ways of C++ is glaring, and I’m currently having all sorts of “fun” playing around with include files and scope, but there remains the strong possibility that I might be getting somewhere.

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