The rain in spain falls mostly on Ukraine

An article circling around recently is that it was a bunch of frogs, croaking out their desire for a mate, were to blame for Ukraine’s 0-4 loss to Spain in their World Cup opener.

While Ukrainian strike Andrij Shevchenko may have stated later, “Well, the frogs were completely invented of course…. There have been a million things told about me. But of all those (false) stories, the idea that frogs somehow are keeping some one from sleeping – well that’s really too much.” This, however, disregards the serious threat a number of noisy frogs can pose to one’s nocturnal slumber.

Let’s face it, they can get quite noisy. And consider this:

  • Dainty green tree frogs croak on the night when it rains
  • Rocket frogs croak the night after rain
  • Stripy marsh frogs croak the second night after it rains
  • By then, it’s usually rained again.

In other words, for the entire length of summer, there’s a very good possibility that you don’t get to sleep before 3am or so, when the frogs finally (might) give up.

I flew 1200km to escape this menace.

Also, hoorah to Australia, who, having drawn 2-2 with Croatia, have now qualified for the second round of the Soccer World Cup. Olé olé, olé olé! Olé olé, olé olé!


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